Now it's I haha photo not very good

friday 23 march 2012

Chat in skype

All that was yesterday afternoon

It's photo now for my window in walk

hehe Dasha sleep cute

Morning my reader♥

Hello! Now it's video i like♥
here sing girl Divna she live in Bulgaria
Later i link photo how my friend Dasha sleep now!
Dasha now sleep,she come me yesterday and now morning)
Now Russia have time 7:50 morning

Good morning ☺

8:28 вторник (YEKT) - время Челябинск, Челябинская область
now it's time in country Russia city Chelyabinsk

hello my friends , please look it's video haha


I love you


Good morning ☺ ^.^

haha it is video Here, I and the girls who dance with me

hello my dear

hello my dear


Hello ♥
Now i doing homework it's really difficult! Maybe i can it is doing in the 5 minutes ....No!
I wrote an essay that I did then, and i broke it and now i write essay new

Good morning ☺

Hello hello!!!
How are you?
I am fine♥
how  do you  sleep?
I am good♥
what are you doing?

I like it's video

Jonatan malm and Nadya verkova♥

Good evening, my dear♥
Now i write about Jonatan malm and Nadya verkova...
I know you don't know their and now you little know their!

It is Nadya ,she have 16 years.
Nadya live in Russia , she teach in school model!
She cute girl, it's i know 100%

It is Jonatan,he have 12 years
Jonatan live in Sweden, i dont know in which he learns to School, but i think he learns in good school!
He cute boy 100%
Nadya just add him in friend on facebook their began to

talk,and but he soon wrote to me "I love you friend Nadya so

fucking hot  and cute! <333333".

But and Nadya too wrote to

me "Hello Sasha ! Jonatan cute boy i think it's

so "Hmmm....reveal to you a secret  Her like Jonatan and

Him like Nadya! ♥ the mouth of the castle

Hello , i have photo 13.03.2012

Hello cute♥
I have day not good :| and what about you?
I know tomorrow i have good day!
Maybe you  tell me why i have today not good day have?
And how are you, my reader??


Plans for today♥

Plans for today♥
  1. to go school
  2. teach♥
  3. to go my house
  4. have fun road♥
  5. to go walk
  6. have fun friends and happy mood♥
  7. to go home♥
  8. homework
  9. internet♥
  10. sleep

good morning ♥☻

Когда с рассветом ты проснешься, 
увидишь лучик на стене, 
пообещай, что улыбнешься 
и просто вспомнишь обо мне.

haha it's two photos was  yesterday
Hello hello♥
how are you??
i wish you good day and happy mood!♥
Yesterday I and my friends Dasha and Nika walk♥
in time 20:30 on the 21:30

Hello ☻ I have happy day))♥



How are you??♥

Now i wrote on the PANDA! hehe♥

it's idea say me Micke ♥

I don't know what wrote and i wrote now  the panda!♥

now i tell on the skype♥

I wish you happy mood and good day!♥


I'm going to school 10 minutes later I go to school and after 30minutes I'll be in school

Nika you again makes me laugh

I go to the home my friend Nika!
i doing knock knock
and that i hear?!
oh aaaaa.
Then she opened the door and began to talk.... I never knew why she was shout♥

good morning! I love♥ you)))

Good morning it's time to rise,
Stand up and wipe your sleepy eyes.
Reach and stretch for the sky,
Hold your hands way up high.
Bend your body and touch the ground,
Stand up straight, now turn around.
Point to your eyes, point to your nose,
Jump up and down and touch your toes.
Clap your hands, stomp your feet,
Let's start the day, now find your seat.

Hey hey♥
I know  today monday ,oh i not want go to school!

Thank you Maxim)

haha cool video))) i like it!

about the video told me Maxim!

Hm on request

I was asked to draw pictures with the rabbit
I paint is bad this picture and my drawing
it's bad!


I don't know what wrote and i wrote now  the Rabbit... hahaha it's idea say me Micke !!!

Hey hey♥

Hi my reader!
I am sorry my Swedish really bad! =(
and sorry i know i little wrote in blog
I know photo 9 may 2011

Hello :*

Oh, my God

Nika??? she likes gay men


The school In toilet on the 3rd floor,But now there is a lesson

I have now 2 lesson kicked out of class the lesson of geometry...from for that that I have forgotten copy-book on geometries.
Now I'm sitting on the  for 40 minutes and waiting for the run out of this lesson is that to go on the next lesson!
Who came to me, Dasha, as she found me? How she learned that I am here?
Quite simply, I wrote her it sms ... I wrote: Hello Dasha! What you have now a lesson?... She wrote : Hi Sasha, algebra and what? ... I wrote :  nothing....! She wrote: and what you have now a lesseon? I wrote :  geometry, but kicked out of class the lesson of geometry! She wrote : why???? I wrote: from for that that I have forgotten copy-book on geometries. She wrote :  where are you? ... I wrote : The school In toilet on the 3rd floor.....
Dasha came to me...and she was asked in toilet to shit hahahahaha is it an excuse for a teacher.
Now came to me Ksusha, her bra problems!!! hehe hahaha!!!
I see in the window, a teacher of physics.
It's boring and funny at the same time, Ksusha describes examples of algebra in the toilet ??!!
Ksusha and Dasha classmates, they learn from me, in parallel.....
And then began to speak Ksusha hahaha : Dasha you decided to bite your mobile phone, Dasha you are fool! There went two fools...Chpok-chpok and Sasha have PMS now Sasha say no PMS!
And then began to speak Dasha hahaha : Me chpok chpok or fap fap and 2 fools say of turtle FOOLS!!!
HAHAHA  but Dasha and Ksusha show (XXX) . Now they watching my blog on school performance... and referred to as wiping your ass with paper! Oh my God Where am I??
irritates me tap from which water flows...almost all of the lesson the girls stayed with me! After a 5min lesson ends hehe!!
Palina wrote me a sms : where are you????
It is not strange now I'm a one, And in my mind are the sad thoughts... =(
Tomorrow we learn from 11 hours and the school ends in 14 hours , 4 hour in the school lessons of 30 minutes hahaha!!!
oh yeah I almost forgot we have a rest from 8 to 11 the number of current and 12 of us in school)


how the group for several years




Hello my cute. Now i say about my best friend Polina♥
Polina she girl.
Her 13 old she was born 9 march 1998....She is brunette and she have eyes dark
We've known for 4 years and I was her age of 1 year back but March 9 we will see it the same age 14 old since I was born on 2 October 1997..
Polina has pet: cat Maksim




Hello my cute. Now i say about my best friend Nika♥
Nika she girl.
Her 14 old she was born february 12  1998
Nika she girl.
Her 14 old she was born  12 february 1998...
She is blonde and she have eyes blue-green
We've known for 14 years and  I  her age, since I was born on 2 October 1997...
Nika  has pets : cat Alisa and rabbit ***** haha i don't know name her rabbit haha, because she don't to name rabbit
cat Alisa
rabbit ****

I and my the best friend Nika♥


Hello Hello my dear!
hehe today March but 2 march
i wish you happy good day and happy mood!
You must have  Good day my dear reader
Hello Hello my dear!
hehe today March but 2 march
i wish you happy good day and happy mood!
You must have  Good day my dear reader

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