Photo with Anya


Hey! Not good

Hey people ! how are you? I'm sad, because  my  dog ill .oh.. And my teacher  on my  grup dance not work with me and grup...oh..



I have happy day!


Photo by sashazhigun97

Good morning !

Minutes for music

Yep , You see it now on 3 language

Tomorrow day with Dasha , we to go on cinema

Yep , tomorrow  Dasha with me to go on movie

She is amazing

Chat with Kolya

Hello People!

  I wish you happy day , my dear friend! ♥

Day with Dasha

How are you? soon summer ! Yesterday  was  with Dasha and 2 girls Dasha and Dasha ,  we was 4 girls, 3 have name Dasha and me Sasha ... ;)
OMG 17 test on russian .... NO, No, No! i don't want ! ohhh

thank you!

Thank you me dear and cute friend! I love you! You make me happy! ♥ 

new design

OMG Twitter what are you doing???

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