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Deep inside, you cry Don't let your hopes,die uuh

When she was a young girl
She used to play with me
I was her best friend
We were inseparately
We loved to ride our bikes
Playing hide and seek
Speaking all the night
Dancing in the street
I look back at the time
Now i realise
She loved to play with fire
I should have seen it in her eyes
I should have seen it in her eyes

Three letters with a lot of meaning and it affects every human being on this planet. What comes up for you when you say the word, ‘cry’? Do you feel sad, happy, relieved or do you feel nothing?

According to Wikipedia, crying can be defined as a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocular structures.


The way I see it, crying is all about expressing oneself and letting go. It is proven the act of crying allows oneself to touch base with one’s emotions and its the body’s natural response to one’s emotions. It unblocks emotional congestion to flow freely into a new dimension of joy and forgiveness. It allows one to see life with a new, fresh approach and creates opportunities for growth, love and lightness.

Why don’t we advertise crying and its benefits? Why do people turn their cheeks when they see someone crying in public? Babies cry freely, why can’t we? Why do we cry in our homes, in our bedrooms where no one can see us? Why don’t restaurants cater for crying evenings and cinema’s have crying nights instead of ladies nights? Why don’t politicians take part in crying assemblies instead of arguing or fighting with each other? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? What happened?

Somewhere down the line, we were all brainwashed that crying is for babies. Point is one should not feel embarrass to weep it all out. It will not make us weak or turn us into ‘chicken’. With crying comes profound results, great power. After all, it is part of being human, part of you and part of me. Cry…

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