Dear you understand me??? kiss

That is the mood you know .. Romantic, thoughtful. Just a picture .. then she sits on the window at night, be sure to rug .. with tousled brown hair bundle in the shower ... playing that same song in which she will see herself .. Such a simple but at the same time mysterious, dreamy and gentle. And the word "soft" refers to it as .. As beloved kitty paws ... Maybe plain, and live their lives as well as all .. But who will stop the flight of thoughts, fantasies and dreams? They are simple, need a soul mate, that's how to understand, be sure to know a lot of interesting and clever! Love those who are listening with bated breath. From such people can learn a lot. I wish that he would have understood me, was just the same. From his childhood dream to have a boy's best friend ... and it's easy to explain - a different perception. Where are you? My crocodile gene?? = D Let's go back to the present. My mp is someone who just wants to be loved, to feel .... It's different, but also happiness.

ванильнвя девушка вид со спины
Postat av: Behiye

I really like your blog :)

Svar: thank you cute , next 3 clock i be read your blog!
Sasha Zhigun

2012-08-01 @ 14:36:44

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